The Manitoba Metis Federation Inc. (MMF) is pleased that you are considering citizenship within the MMF.


As a Citizen of the MMF, you will have access to a variety of activities, events, programs, and services within the Government of the Red River Metis. We would encourage you to keep in-touch with your Local Executives and your Regional Office to be aware of updates. We would also ask that you keep your personal contact information (including your e-mail address) current so that both the Local and the Regional Office can keep up-to-date information and maintain communication with our citizens. In addition, for election purposes, you are responsible to ensure your name is on our Voters List and are registered with the correct Local and Region in our Central Registry Office.

You will find information and notices of events on our website:

Please review our online application guide to make sure can apply successfully.

Our online form can not currently accommodate applications from countries other than Canada.

Questions or challenges with the online form? Please contact either the Central Registry Office or the Regional Registry
Officer from the Region you are applying to. We will be happy to help you.

Northwest Regional Office Ph: (204) 638-9485
Interlake Regional Office Ph: (204) 646-2706
Southeast Regional Office Ph: (204) 754-2721
Southwest Regional Office Ph: (204) 725-7520
The Pas Regional Office Ph: (204) 623-5701
Thompson Regional Office Ph: (204) 677-1430
Winnipeg Regional Office Ph: (204) 586-5716
CRO Regional Office Ph: (204) 586-8474

Or email us at

Before you begin, please answer the following questions:

Are you applying for a new citizenship?

Do you self identify as Metis, are of historic Metis Nation Ancestry, are distinct from other Aboriginal Peoples and are accepted by the Metis Nation, as defined in the Constitution of the Manitoba Metis Federation?

Full Name


Mailing Address

Please use the address where you receive mail (PO Box, RR/LCD, GD/STN, street, etc.).
Our online form cannot currently accommodate applications from countries other than Canada.

Harvester Card

By selecting yes, you agree to the following:

In the case that I have applied for and have been issued an Metis Harvester Identification card, in the event that I am charged, have property seized, or am under investigation for exercising my aboriginal harvesting rights, I agree and authorize the MMF to request such information as required to determine the nature of such charges, seizures, and /or investigations, and herby authorize Manitoba and Canada to release such information and documentation to the MMF and its representatives in respect to such charges, seizures, and/or investigations.

  • I am a Manitoba Metis and do herby make application for the MMF Metis Harvester Identification Card.
  • If I intend to harvest fish, big-game, small-game, game-bird (upland, migratory, wild turkey), firewood and other resources, I have demonstrable proof of sufficient knowledge of firearm, vehicular, and boating safety and operation, as applicable to the activity. I am solely responsible to ensure I have met all health and safety regulations and requirements, including possessing all applicable federal and provincial firearms, vehicular, and boating safety and operating certificates and licenses.
  • I understand that my participation in the MMF Metis Harvesting Initiative, which includes the use of the Card, is an exercise of my Métis Rights. I accept, and agree to abide by, the MMF Constitution and Bylaws, and all MMF procedures and policies governing the use of the Card, including the MMF Metis Laws of the Harvest.
  • I certify that the foregoing is true and accurate. I acknowledge and agree that if the information contained in this application form is subsequently determined to be false, the Card issued by MMF will be deemed invalid and will be revoked by MMF.
  • I hereby release and discharge MMF, its officers and employees, of and from all manner of action, claims, demands, and damages whatsoever which I have or otherwise hereafter may have for or by reason of any injury, loss or damage arising from the issuance of a Card and/or the use of such Card by me.

Phone Number

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Someone Else's Genealogy?

I Authorize The Use Of My Genealogy

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Payment Information

Application and Card Ordering Location Reason Fees Notes
Citizen Manitoba Under 55 and Youth Cards $10.00 Includes postage
Citizen Manitoba 55 and over $ - Free - Includes postage
Citizen & Harvester* Manitoba Under 55 and Youth Cards $20.00 Includes postage
Citizen & Harvester* Manitoba 55 and over $ - Free - Includes postage
Citizen Canada Under 55 $20.00 Includes postage
Citizen Canada 55 and over $10.00 Includes postage
Citizen & Harvester Canada Under 55 and Youth Cards $30.00 Includes postage
Citizen & Harvester Canada 55 and over $20.00 Includes postage
  • Harvester cards can not be processed individually online. Harvester cards can only be requested in conjunction with a citizenship application at this time. If you have a Citizenship number and want a Harvester card, please contact your Regional Office or email us at .
  • Harvester cards are only available online to Canadian residents. If you are outside of Canada, please contact your Regional Office or email us at
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