Manitoba Metis Federation Election 2022

Welcome to the new MMF Voter Verification page. With the MMF election approaching the MMF's Central Registry office has been working with the Chief Electoral Office to create a simpler way for citizens to verifiy their names on the MMF voter's list. We have developed this online verification form that offers a fast way for you to:

  • verify your ability to vote in this year’s election
  • confirm you are in the correct Local for voting, and
  • when we have our polling stations confirmed, you can return to this page for the list of locations of the polling stations where you can cast your vote.

We encourage all Red River Metis to utilize the lookup form. For any questions, or if you are on the wrong voters list please contact us using the form provided and we will promptly get back to you.

If you want to apply for citizenship, you can apply online here: MMF Citizenship Application Form

If you live outside Manitoba or in a remote area the polling location will be shown. BUT YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A MAIL-IN BALLOT. If you want to apply for a mail-in ballot, contact the office of the Chief Electoral Officer at or 204-614-0225

The use of the form is for personal use only. The attempted lookup of other individuals personal data is not authorized and is considered an invasion of privacy.

Your Information